January Thaw

It comes every year, tricking trees and critters, hinting of Spring before February blows in.  The forecast this week will bring up a lot of conversation about our warming trends. We have a string of days in the 70s ahead. There are good rains and thunderstorms coming, along with luscious, warm afternoons. We won’t light the wood stove again for several days at least; that preserves the winter wood stash nicely. The hens will pick up production most likely. The redbuds might pop early and then face a frost, which slays me. The fruit trees will make adjustments. The salamanders might congress early.  Stores could respond with a Spring garden push. I’ll likely catch the fever, and try to identify and clear a broccoli and greens patch that will somehow be chicken free. The repercussions are too many to name.  Suffice to say, it matters to everyone.

Today: High of 59F; tonight 55.    Fri: 72; 55       Sat: 72; 57     Sun: 72; 59     Mon: 68;  52     Tues: 57; Low 41     Thurs: 54; 32     Fri: 54; 34     Sat: 54; 34     Sun: 54; 32     Monday: 50; 32

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