So many beautiful moments happened this week, we could hardly post them all. But here are a few of them:

We discovered black raspberries, enjoyed them over home made ice cream, and then because someone asked, we strained some, added vinegar and salt, and made ink!

We listed our favorites:

  • making our fort.
  • blue blue hearts – our soap

  • cooling off

  • journal sketches
  • the crayfish
  • water from the well for hot animals and kids!
  • lopping vines
  • muscadine wine
  • nettles omlettes!

  • churning butter
  • making farm cheese
  • making tipi fires

Full days!

There is so much to share from this first “Shake-down Cruise” week.

A tiny tribe has made lots of magic together.

After weeding, these two took some hammock time to make potholders.

The black raspberries…unspeakably good!

Hand-dipped bees-wax candles.

Tomorrow we begin!

 I have fretted (is it camp enough/clean enough/farm enough for them?)….but this thought just bubbled over and I filled with delight: They are going to LOVE our home!!  That’s why we’re having this camp: “The magic is just too good to keep to ourselves.” OK, officially excited.  This is a dream come true.  Welcome campers!!