Salamander Time

In winter, the mole salamanders take turns in vernal pools laying their eggs.  On the first warm, rainy night in February, a great congress occurs among the spotted salamanders, and country folks around here gather to witness the miraculous mating ceremonies of that one special night.

If you are out driving your vehicle on such a night in late Winter or early Spring, and you see a plethora of frogs on the road, do not fear a plague of toads. Rather, slow waaay down, avoid as many as you can (it can be quite difficult) and consider turning around.  On this special night, try not to travel on country roads with farm ponds dotting the landscape.

It only happens once a year, and a damp, late-night walk, is worth more than wherever you were headed on whatever errand you’d planned. Take a flashlight (be careful of passing vehicles when walking on on dark, country roads in the rain) and be prepared for the laughter when passers-by inquire, and all you can honestly say is, “I’m out watchin’ frogs”.

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