My efforts to add to the pool of work to produce local food were called into question a year after beginning, when someone else started offering the same gift, for a fee.  I tried to contact them to find out if their effort had been a success. If so, I would not compete, offering free financial workshops, when they might need to make a living and farmers were willing to pay.  I backed off.  I waited to see if anyone contacted me. Months have gone by and no one has stepped up or reached out.  I do not feel the offering was focused enough.  The goal was collaborative supportive community.  What I found was a lot of wanting to do the work but not a lot of deciding to track the numbers.  The numbers are just a hurdle.  They’d be better off if I choe a few I could just do the books for, or if i found accountants willing to donate their time. That would be helpful!

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