Why Farmschool?

My father was a lot of things. So is my Mom.  But perhaps the most important thing they were for me was challengers. They challenged me, constantly.

Pluck chickens, muck stalls, pick beans, can produce, milk goats, bale hay, collect eggs – sometimes at 6 am, sometimes at 10 below.  Hoe, weed, mulch.

“Head to the barn and do chores.” was never a punishment.  “Yes Mom!” The one punishment was when they said, “We’re sorry. We have to move.” I was 13.

Most at home in high grass among the flowers, in mossy woods, or listening to the sounds of grazing, I followed their faith that I would always listen to my heart.  They are why I have Farm School. I want to offer others what they gave me: learn how capable you are. You can do anything you want. Come on, we’ll do it together. Look at the life awaiting you in the woods and fields of home.