Universe Intentions

Sometimes I search for meaning.  Usually it’s when I am building up energy for a big endeavor.  That is happening now. Should it materialize, big is a fine word.

I was born in the decade Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, heralding the environmental movement and inspiring a generation. Her book title asks us to consider what these evenings would be like if we could not hear Pseuddacris Crucifer, Hyla Chrysoscelis, Pseudacris feriarum or Lithobates clamitans.

That same decade, William Albrecht  pointed out that the health of the soil affects the nutrient balance between proteins and carbohydrates in both feed and food crops, and concluded that only healthy organic soils with the proper balance of both macro and micronutrients could produce the complete proteins necessary for good human health.

The Universe delivered me into a time of voices telling powerful truths.


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