Our Bodies, Our Earth

Microbes make healthy soil, and a healthy gut.

Pesticides and herbicides kill soil organisms — and the life in us.

Dehydration makes for unhealthy soil and plants, and also our body systems.

Bacteria, fungi, protists, animals and plants all eat and recycle each other., working together to create a diverse and balanced ecosystem; and our bodies require diversity and balance to stay in health , as do our ecosystems.

Given a choice, animals will choose the healthier food.

Insects and diseases will go for unhealthy plants, especially those rich in sugar; and disease in our bodies thrives in sugary environments, too.

Manage your farm like your body: for health.  Don’t chase bugs. Establish wellness – in your soil and body.

Predators attack the sickness – they do a service, and indicate sickness. The symptoms can be distracting.  Addressing symptoms covers root causes., and nutritional deficiencies.

This is the nature of addiction.  After a while, when we avoid unhealthy food, we do not even desire to eat it.  Our urge for sugar disappears.  The biome of our bodies does not crave sugar.  We are well, like healthy plants , and less susceptible to disease.

Take that one more step.  Our spirits are the same. Feed the spirit wholesome stories and faith-filled experiences.  This soul nutrition serves our minds , making them more drawn to healthy thoughts and more able to make choices which serve our body and ultimately, our world.  Wellness is all-encompassing, and at least as big as this Earth and our nearby Heavens. .





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